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Edmund R. Schubert is the author of the novel, Dreaming Creek, and two short story collections, The Trouble with Eating Clouds and This Giant Leap. Schubert also contributed to and edited the non-fiction book, How to Write Magical Words. In addition to writing, Schubert served for ten years as head editor of the online magazine, InterGalactic Medicine Show (including publishing three IGMS anthologies and winning two WSFA Small Press Awards).

His 50+ published short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain, covering a variety of genres. His fiction has been: included in storySouth’s Year’s Notable list; reprinted in The Writer’s Post Journal’s Year’s Best issue; a #1 rated story on Zoetrope.com; a preliminary nominee for an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best Short Story; and First Prize Winner in Lynx Eye’s Captivating Beginnings contest.

In addition to a decade of editing IGMS, Schubert also served three and a half years as Managing Editor of Diversity Woman Magazine, two and a half years as Executive Editor of NC Career Network Magazine, and in 2019 he was both a Fiction Editor and a Non-Fiction Editor for the online literary journal South 85.

Schubert insists, however, that his greatest accomplishment came during college, when his self-published underground newspaper made him the subject of a professor's lecture in abnormal psychology. He holds a BA from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA, and an MFA from Converse College in Spartanburg, SC.

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Schubert after a book signing at one of the largest English-language bookstores in Europe, the American Book Center in Amsterdam, Holland

Highlighted Publications

Interview/article, "An Interview with David B. Coe," in Teleport Magazine, June 2019

Short story, "Schrodinger's Fractal" in Temporally Deactivated, Zombies Need Brains Press, 2019, anthology avail. on Amazon in July, or pre-order the Kickstarter special edition

Interview/article, "Scene-Rooting and Micro Edits: A Craft Interview with Faith Hunter," in Teleport Magazine, Oct. 2018

Short story, "Batting Out of Order," in The Hardball Times, Spring 2018 (reprint, originally published in Temporally Out of Order, Zombies Need Brains Press, 2015, anthology avail. on Amazon )
   From the Amazon Reviews: -- "Highlights - Batting Out of Order by Edmund Schubert made me cry (again his short works stands out in an anthology...)"

   -- "Time traveling baseball cards ask a young baseball player to choose his fate in “Batting Out of Order” by Edmund R. Schubert. This is perhaps the deepest and most touching story in the volume."

Short story, "Calliope Stark: Bone Tree Bounty Hunter," in Lawless Lands, Falstaff Books, 2017, anthology avail. on Amazon

From the review at CannonBall Read.com: -- "Calliope Stark: Bone Tree Bounty Hunter by Edmund R. Schubert – I loved this one so much. I would read a hundred stories about Calliope."

Short story, "Feels Like Justice to Me," in Big Bad II, Dark Oak Press, 2015, anthology avail. on Amazon

     From the Amazon Reviews: -- "Feels like Justice to Me" by Edmund R. Schubert may be one of the best justifications I have ever read for someone doing something unusual. An amazing character piece! This one is a five star."

-- "But the story that blew me away the most had to be Schubert's "Feels Like Justice to Me"...talk about jaw dropping, zombie short."


The Trouble With Eating Clouds

The Trouble With Eating Clouds: A Collection of Mysteries, Magic, and Madness is a collection of short stories (mostly) written before Schubert became editor of InterGalactic Medicine Show.

The book is intended to appeal to a wide range of ages and genre preferences, with stories ranging from Twilight Zone-type tales to mystery and crime tales to historical stories to oddballs that don't tend toward easy classification. Also collects the full run of the popular (but short-lived) Dedd & Gohn comic strips, as well as several comic-strip scripts that were never released. Click here to read one of the stories from the collection for free.

How To Write Magical Words

Schubert teamed up with the amazing group of writers at MagicalWords.net as a blogger and editor of a book collecting key essays from the site. The book, a how-to writing guide titled How To Write Magical Words: A Writer's Companion, was released by Bella Rosa Books in January of 2011, featuring David B. Coe, Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, A.J. Hartley, C.E Murphy, Stuart Jaffe, and Schubert offering insights into the craft and business of writing fiction. Click here to read one of the essays in the book for free.

"Stephen King’s On Writing is one of the best [books about writing] I’ve read, but there’s one I read recently that I feel is even better... How to Write Magical Words: A Writer’s Companion, edited by Edmund R. Schubert."
— BSC Review

The On Writing section of this website contains the article, "Metaphors, Similes, and Analogies, Oh My..." reprinted from the Magical Words How-To book. Below that is a list of "Basic Definitions Every Writer Should Know," expanded from the version that appears in the book.

InterGalactic Medicine Show Awards Anthology

Rising for a time as high as the #1 most-downloaded ebook on Amazon in both the category of Science Fiction and Fantasy, the InterGalactic Medicine Show Awards Anthology, Vol. I is a collection of stories from the award-winning magazine InterGalactic Medicine Show, spotlighting the winners of the magazine's reader's poll for best artwork and best short fiction.

This anthology also includes other popular stories from the magazine's six year run, as well as a new introduction by Peter S. Beagle. Includes stories by such award-winning authors as Peter S. Beagle, Eugie Foster, Aliette deBodard, Marie Brennan, Alethea Kontis, Eric James Stone, and more.

Available from Amazon and Barnes&Noble.com.

IGMS Big Book of SF Novelettes

IGMS Big Book of SF Novelettes: collecting eleven meaty, in-depth soft/sociological science fiction stories. Prefer soft/sociological SF over the hard SF? As much fun as gadgets and gizmos and robots and rocket-ships are, this collection of stories explores people. Some very unusual people, but still...

Available in print as well as an audio book (from Blackstone), and featuring stories by Wayne Wightman, Mary Robinette Kowal, Eric James Stone, Aliette deBodard, Jamie Todd Rubin, Orson Scott Card, Stephen Kotowych, Jackie Gamber, Marina J. Lostetter, and Greg Siewert.

Schubert was editor of the online magazine, InterGalactic Medicine Show, from 2006 to 2016. The magazine was published by SF icon Orson Scott Card. An anthology of the same name was published in 2008 by Tor.

From Blackstone Audio, the unabridged audio version of the first IGMS anthology.

Published in 2008, Schubert's novel Dreaming Creek--a mystery with a Twilight Zone twist--is currently out of print.

"If I hadn't researched and found out that this [Dreaming Creek] was Schubert's first novel, I would have thought him an old pro. He certainly writes like one."